Who would have thought a day like this would ever happen? God is truly great!!!

OCTOBER 16th is a special day in which I always reflect upon and truly appreciate. It will always be (in my mind and heart) my emancipation day. Without fail every 16th of October, I drift back to the day I stood tall alongside my Gemini brothers Tommie Smith and Peter Norman on the podium at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. This day forever changed our lives and as I have been told many times and by the many people along my journey over the years, it changed and influenced their lives as well.  

“CHANGE” Let’s face it: we all dwell on the past from time to time and that’s okay. We are all human beings with emotions and a vision. As we live life and experience it to its fullest, it is only natural that we sometimes take a stand for what we truly believe in. On this specific day, Tommie and I made a stand by raising our fists in the air to protest all of the injustices that were happening at that time around the world. Neither of us, including my dear friend Peter Norman who stood alongside us and those who stood against us, could have imagined the impact and legacy we would have created and left behind or that our stand would influence generations of people.  

Words cannot express how refreshing it is to see today’s athletes emulate the passion and stance of that gesture from 48 years ago. That moment has manifested itself into something bigger than I could have imagined. As I reflect on that day, from today’s perspective, we were the gardeners who planted the seeds and watered it. What you see in these individuals today is the manifestation, growth and the fruit of our labor. Athletes who have done their homework and researched the history and understand the reasoning behind our protest. Fast forward to today they now comprehend what happened at that particular time and recognize and support what we did.

One of those people who I commend is Colin Kaepernick. Colin is igniting a new movement and is shining a light on inequality and injustice for our people. He brings the discussions surrounding racism in America against blacks, back to the forefront. He inspires other athletes, races and groups to speak up and voice their concerns in support of the message. By choosing to take a knee and or sitting during the national anthem he honors the journey with a similar protest. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE


J OHN CARLOS may not be a name you immediately recognize– but his political demonstration at the 1968 Mexico Olympics has become one of the world’s most instantly recognizable and iconic images of all time.


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